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We started a new module on tuesday. Visual Language, ooooh I here you say. I felt like a bit of kid in the first session. What seemed like cutting and sticking with coloured paper made for some 'interesting' results. No-one can get to a computer and make everything look pretty, and people are forced to pin their interpretations up for everyone else to see. I can see why we did it as we had limited scraps of paper to work with, and it got us thinking visually but I just felt that it didn't really give me much help for the brief we had which was due in a couple of days.

Below are a few shots of my ones. One of them was done by Mitch. I gave him the word 'cheese grater' to represent and he did it pretty well really. See if you can spot it. The other words I tried to represent were 'Confusion' 'Mirror' and 'Chatter Box'. Can't wait for next weeks session..

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