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Over the last couple of weeks I have thought to myself 'am I cheating by modifying original font faces?' I mean I just felt that it was a little cheeky taking someones work particularly if it was created hundred of years ago. erasing a serif or changing a curve to create a new typeface just aint right. You can't take an essay and change a few words. However, I feel a little better knowing Graphic Designer David Airey does the same.

On his most recent blog post he talks about developing an identity for the Japan based firm Berthier Associates. For his final logotype Airey modified 'Gotham' typeface and erased some of the serifs to give it a more modern feel to fit in with the aspirations of the Berthier company.

The subtle changes make for a real nice typeface. I just wana try this out myself, but I already have to an extent.

I Decided to attempt a similar style myself and I really like the results. Its all about slight modification. You don't need to over do it, so to speak.

Yes it is quite rough but you get the idea.

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