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The assessment is closing in and I thought I'd post one last time before the deadline just round up what I have looked at in the last few months and reflect on what I have learnt.

So, I have found the last few months pretty hard but not unmanageable. I knew I was going to get tested in the first few months with fast paced briefs, tight deadlines and so on. What I didn't realise is that by the end I would be proud of what I had done regardless of what the outcome is of the assessment. I know some others in the group do much more in terms of quantity, but that's not my style of working. I think I have changed my approach slightly to how I used to work, and its a change for the better, but I'm not ever going to be someone who does masses of sketchbook work.

I quite enjoyed this module and my work varied in quantity and quality. I found my feet pretty quickly and got into the groove even though it was difficult to start with. I have learnt more in this period than I did on the ND. I feel challenged and I feel as if the people around me have that bit of quality, which makes me want to push myself to keep up the standard.

So, to round up this blog so far, I feel I have a greater understanding of graphic design as a whole. It's not about creating digital solutions. That is just one tiny part of it that I focus on too much. I was abit of a mac monkey really but I have the ideas to back it up now.

This blog has helped me immensely. I can post and evaluate work and look at different designers work too. I just want this to grow and grow. It can then be a tool for research, inspiration, ideas, further self evaluation.

How do I think I've done? Pretty well, but you can't be sure what quantity of work is required. I expect that it is a lot. However, I think my work has been varied. I know I had a slow start and the amount of work I have done has grown for each brief. Comparing the first brief 'convince us, persuade us' with 'message and delivery' you can see there is a huge difference in quantity, and a huge improvement in quality. The print workshop did not go to plan. I was unsure if I needed more independent work on that and I'm sure there will not be enough work there. However, I hope other work will cover the flaws in that brief.  I have got printmaking as my elective so I am hoping to put more effort into it then. I did not really know what I was doing this time round.

My favourite piece of work is the typeface I created for Leigh. My original sketch on A1 trace was good but when I introduced Illustrator it took off and looked like a real typeface. I felt it answered the brief and Leigh loved it too. My A1 poster in Illustrator turned out nice too. I did not want to just recreate what I had done on the original poster so I decided to tell a story with the typeface as though it was about Leigh, rather than a random alphabet poster. 

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