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So, I have thrown together a few ideas and I like what I'm doing. I thought I may have to sacrifice my professional touch due to me being only allowed to use two colour and stock. However, they never said how many stock we could use so I figured I could use it to enhance my designs. I looked at using see through envelopes to start with and it did not really work but it looked kinda fancy. After doing some sketches and making some mock ups, I went to my first crit with a little idea of what I may make. Beer mats! It seemed like a natural progression from the poster I designed for the no news is good news brief.

These images show my initial sketches and my development work.

So, after this stage I started creating mock ups and experimenting with different stocks. I liked the idea of the red card being the solution so I definitely wanted that to be part of my resolution. David also suggested maybe I should use sugar paper for the beer mats.. it would give it a nice texture and hopefully feel like a beer mat rather than an advert or something.

After messing with a few ideas I made up some finals which I was happy with. I created a little fact sheet which would accompany the beer mat and red card so the reader got a better overview of what I was trying to create.

These are what my finals should look like. I'm still tweaking them based on the crit I had today. I think people liked what I had done and I saw a lot of work I liked too. Will's and Jonny's work stood out for me. Will's finals just looked so professional and Jonny's was really well crafted.

My finals...

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