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I was set a brief and given the guardian newspaper. The brief was to read the paper and pick out stories relating to quotes that were given on the brief. I chose a quote in relation to football league tables. The quote read "Leeds 61117621063+411wwddl sep20 v Carlisle(a)". What got me thinking straight away about this quote was Leeds United's form. the wwddl lose part showed that this had declined.

Being a Leeds fan myself I am used to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I decided I would research into the clubs history and also attend the ground to take photos of the stadium. It was kind of like a bus drivers holiday but it was an excuse to go there and gork at it.

After thinking about Leeds history and what I could focus in on, I thought of how our champions league campaign came to an end. So cruelly, to the hands of Galatasaray. The previous night two Leeds fans were killed in Istanbul, where the game was being staged. At the time Galatasaray fans were blamed and to this day I still believe it had an impact on the players. The young Leeds team were visibly shaken up. As a result the policing at the game was so over the top. Matters were made even worse when a minutes silence was only observed by Leeds and their fans. The fans chants and booing played on the minds of the Leeds team and their taunts paid off.

This goes to show how violence does affect football.

Therefore, my topic of interest was football violence. After sketching mind maps and thinking up initial ideas I digitally produced 2 of the 3 posters we were asked to finalise for Monday.

The first one relates to using patriotism as an excuse to cause violence. The England fans were renowned for causing trouble and rioting in foreign countries. This poster was developed by using stats to shape the flag. To improve it I could add a few more statistics, however, I did not want to over do it. I think this gets my point across and makes for a high impact design. We were told not to use black and white but I just felt this would have the same impact as England flag is red and white.

The second looks at violence within the stadium and the general view. I displayed the word by using the goal posts as an 'i' and 'l' and the ball through the middle as an 'o'. The idea behind it is to show the word out of context, and also to almost mask it and saying it exists but many people don't know about it at all or in great detail. This is all about awareness.

My Third idea, which I haven't got an visual for is based around the problems of alcohol which lead to violence. Many clubs sell alcohol at the bars in the stadiums and many people drink before and after they go to the games. Anything can spark anger in people and make some people to take action. I just think alcohol is a major hindrance. The poster would show pint glasses with different quotes on each. One will say "just a quick pint before the match" and the quotes will lead to the final quote "Come here and say that you scummer". I like the simplicity of the idea but I am unsure if it will work or not.

I will post my finals later today.

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