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Well, I'm not sure about these as finals go but I really can't think of any other way of presenting them due to the constraints of the brief. I found out later in the week that for this brief one poster had to use type and one had to use image and one had to use both. This in turn with the constraint of not being able to use black and white puts into perspective that I am not in control here. A lesson I know I need to learn but I'm bending the rules slightly with.

I felt the England flag poster did not need any updating as I was happy with the content and presentation. This would work as my type poster.

The next one with the word Violence on, however, did need amending. I adapted it so that it was the one I only used image in. The feedback I got from the interim crit was the letters weren't as legible with the deep green grass background, which was a fair comment. They also said that I could maybe make the text tie in with violence. This gave me the idea to use objects associated with violence to create the word. However, I felt this would make the poster too literal and I already liked the how I had constructed the 'i' 'o' and 'l' so I kept in that vain by using objects you would see at a football game. Although, I think the idea works I feel the execution of what I have done is lacking. However, its not and for the time frame we were given (3 and a half days). I prefer the other violence poster I did in the blog post below, however, I have worked to the brief and produced something I am relatively happy with. With that in mind, I am not too worried as we have been told its more about the ideas we have than the final piece, although I'd say the final piece was important to me.

The final poster for this brief is based around the alcohol idea I had. (See post below). I think this looks a little too plain and I don't think the font sits right for this type of design, however, the brief said we had to use the Guardian font so I have tried to stick to it. It's another good idea but the execution lets it down. I can't think of how I would do it any better though. It may look better with photography rather than vector and better typeface.

Overall, I enjoyed the brief but I felt I wasn't given long enough on this and the finals haven't lived up to my high standards. I really don't like submitting something I don't like but I will have to get used to that in this business. I can't force my ideals on people, lesson learnt...

Pinup on monday made me think that I could have done this in so many more ways. I liked Alex's idea, particularly the posted he did with the all the icons on. I got it straight away. It was a real clever where to display a message that can be read by all. Will Smith is an actor that we have all heard and know of. Using the face of a lesser known actor wouldn't have the same impact. Really simple idea but brilliantly executed. I also like the recycle bin one, purely for its aesthetics. It was pleasing on the eye and made use of stock that no-one else used.

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