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So, I have another brief. oh yes, it never ends. I have got to do something digital with the typeface I made for Leigh. I decided I might call the typeface 'wortleigh' because her last name is Wortley and, well, you get the idea....

My first thought was to make a poster like a comic strip but I'm unsure if its working or not. I'm thinking not at the moment. Here's a sample image anyway to show you how far I've not got with it. I'm thinking I want to print on some sort of different paper stock to give it a organic feel. Not something too dark so it affects the colour but something just a little different, something that has a rough feel too it.

It is still all up in the air, and can't think of what to do with it. I might revisit the words she described herself as and maybe create some type related to that. Like I thought about doing a poem or a short story or an open letter.

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