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The first of our many briefs looked at letterforms and the reason for their existence. Our group decided to base the letterforms around fictional characters. A drug dealer and vandal were among the ideas we used for the vowels e, i, o, and u. We depicted the 'A' character as a role model, thus justifying it's existence.

One of the first drafts of the poster is shown here. The reason I wanted to talk about our campaign is because we tried to use shock tactics to form a serious campaign. Looking back this set of posters remind me of the famous barnardo's campaign. The way they are shot and the use of language we used seems to resemble that type of campaign. I liked the simplicity of our designs and although we only had a week to create this, the group worked hard together to create these effective, professional finished artwork.

There is obviously a huge difference in quality in both posters but the Exhibit A campaign posters answered the brief in a different way by going beyond the facts we had on the different letterforms.

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