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Colour, where would we be without it. In a plain old world, that's where. We had a seminar on colour today, which I found quite useful really. Additive colour is used with light projectors, while subtractive colour is associated with ink.

The colour wheel is made up of primary and secondary colours. Primary is made up blue, yellow and red, while the secondary colours are made up from a mix of the primary. The complimentary colours sit opposite each other and cancel each other out. This means they don't generally go well together unless manipulated in terms of tone.

Hue relates to chromatic values, while saturation reduces the chromatic values by adding light or dark tones. Blue is considered a passive colour, yellow is active and red is semi-active.

Just started work on colour, and looking at systematic and subjective types of colour. Quite interesting, oh yes. I felt I actually learnt something. The first pictures are of red stuff our group brought in and then we added it to a huge colour spectrum that ran through the room and into the corridor.

The pictures came out nice on my new camera. result.

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