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That is my concept. Seems quite odd at first but the material I have produced shows what I mean. I've finished my finals early and I can't get near the studio so I thought I'd post up my thoughts on this now.

These are a couple visual variations of one of my finals. I rejected these ideas as I felt the black one was too black and the white on the other stood out over the red. I wanted people to see red squares from a distance and then see the illustrations when they get a little closer.

The illustrative part of it was done using tracing photographs and using elements of existing illustration to make up my image. For instance, the knife, I traced from a photograph, but the heart I took from an existing illustration and adapted it. I'm happy with the quality of most of my illustrations but some work better than others. My idea, first of all, was quite simple, (I explained my concept in an early post) and therefore was quite easy to represent. I think I have worked to the brief but been a little cleverer with how I have approached it.

Yes, they are a few things I would have liked to do differently and I will explore them in my own time. First off, I decided to print onto red paper. This was a good idea but I wished I had have looked for some other shades so there was some slight difference between the emotions. For instance, the shade of red for rage would be darker than the shade for love, I think. I would have also liked to have developed the type pieces alittle more, as I found better fonts once I had finished my finals. I know the other fonts work aswell but you never know whats works best until you use a whole variety.

I think, this, as well as most of my pieces have been aesthetically pleasing and had solid ideas behind them. I just wonder if these are ideas are that clear when presented to a new audience. This brief I have tried to make my ideas stick to the visuals, and hopefully I'll get good feedback in the critique.

The thing I like most about my final set of images is that they link up and create somewhat of a cycle. The heart, representative of love, is already scarred from a previous relationship. I wanted this to be clear and I believe it is. When the character is going through these emotions, the scars he/she had have opened back up.

The last illustration for hate (pictured below) plays with the audiences interpretation. Did this person get hurt and emotionally scarred once again by the knife through his/her heart. Or did they get over come with the emotion of two break ups and kill themselves?

Edit: Just had my crit, and all went well. My work was voted 1 and 2 by 2 groups out of 6 other resolutions. No-one really talked about what they thought it meant and someone said it was a little too obvious. Fair comment really. However, I did try to make my idea clear, but this time too clear. I perhaps should have laid it out differently but I still like what I did in the time we had.

I did feel abit for David. His concept and his ideas were well thought out. He didn't deserve to be where he was in the standings. But thats democracy for you..

More pictures.. these are of all the red work..

Illustrator Induction
I had my second illustrator induction. I haven't really learnt much at all yet. However, I appreciate how difficult it is to start with. We had to trace this car and start to add gradient meshing. I knew how to do gradient meshing but its difficult to do on more intricate sections.

This is my attempt that I didn't have time to finish. I prefer using flat colour. I just looks better, you know...

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