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I have been working on a concept for my most recent brief which is to define what red means, and what it stands for. I see red as quite an emotive colour. It can be used to signify both love and hate and lots in between.

I decided, after much deliberation, that my concept is 'Red is a stormy relationship'. Although, it sounds odd to start with my visuals do show what I'm talking about when I make this statement. I have split the ten visuals down into 5 ideas or stages of this 'relationship'.

The first is passion, then love, rage, anger and hate. Each idea has type based resolution and a visual one. My thinking behind this concept is that one person feels passionate about another and then they both fall in love. After this one hurts the other and so the love turns to rage. This then boils down to anger and thoughts of revenge, which then moves on to hate.

Here are some images for now and more will be explained about this later, once my final resolutions are finished. I thought I might do my finals as line drawings and use red paper to keep them simple.

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