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As part of my visual language module, I have been given a brief to investigate and explore the term 'what is a line?'. I have been given the following quotes/definitions of what a line could be and I can choose one to explore in more depth.

"A formation of people, objects or things on besides/behind the other."
"A connected series of events, actions or developments."
"The descendants of one individual."
"A mark indicating position, connection or boundaries."

The first thing I thought about when I thought about line was just simple line drawings. The kind lines in this sense are something that are definite to create an image. But then I started to think about when lines are not something that we can control. The types of lines we cannot manipulate to form a concept.

With that in mind I started a little sketch book to jot ideas in. I used a stamp set I'd bought to title the book and then thought I'd jazz it up a bit with some finger prints. Once I'd done one finger print I thought to myself how stupid I had been. A finger print is made up of a series of lines which identifies us as individuals and is something beyond our control.

I have then look at natural lines which crop up in natural circumstances like the grain in wood, and wrinkles on our skin. Could this be worth developing further and looking at in more detail, I don't know. I could be just waffling on.

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