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1. State the title & focus of your work in response to the brief.
My main focus is on soft drinks, alcoholic and energy drink cans and their designs. 

2. Identify specific areas of research that you intend to investigate and methods that you will use.
I already have facts and figures regarding how many cans are produced in the u.k and also limited figures on what kind of drinks people buy. I have over 100 images of cans, most of which are taken by me, and some from secondary sources. I categorised these photographs by the cans size, colour and contents. I plan to keep collecting more cans to find more interesting results. I have a can makers report which gives me last years statistics on the amount of cans that were produced in Britain and around the world. I mapped out how many cans I found that were thrown away around the local village. I plan to do this around areas of Leeds and compare my results. 

I have charts and graphs on what is in the cans and how much sugar they contain. I plan to make these charts much more visual so they can be seen to more interactive.

I also think I need to contact major companies regarding sales figures. I would also like to do more questionnaires to get a better public overview rather than the select few I have.

3.Identify specific practical methods and technical processes that you intend to use in order to visually develop your ideas
I plan to use a variety of different mediums, including photography, digital and more traditional methods including sketching, tracing and painting. I have a good understanding of digital media so that area may take precedence over other methods. Anything I create traditionally would be digitised and printed in a modern format. 

4. What methods will you use to evaluate the progress and success of your work?
I can create page spreads and mock ups and ask for peoples views on them. I will seek advice and guidance during group crits. I will also evaluate my work myself and try and test methods before deciding on final ideas. I will use ongoing analysis to separate what works and what doesn't. 

At this point I do not know where I will research specifically at this stage. As and when I do have a greater understanding I will update my Statement of Intent. 

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