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This week has been pretty hard and pretty easy going. Hard in the sense that I had to produce a book of 100 in 32 pages, and only had 4 days including today to complete it. However, it was also easy going in the sense that we could just get on with it. Yes, we had other things timetabled in but I have been happy with my efforts this week, and I have set up things nicely to do my full book.

The crit on friday was good, and meant I could present my ideas to unbiased audience. Some were feeling it and some weren't but sometimes you have to do what you think is right. Yes, there is constraints but I felt like that the feedback I got did not warrant me changing my idea. I know the book I produced this week needs tweaking and developing further for my follow up book (luckily, I get 5 weeks to produced that).

Here's some of the images I used in my book.

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