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Just noticed this on another blog. I not only like the shape of the book itself, as it still looks like a traditional book but I love how the bookmark doubles as like tea bag or something. The 'Book Cup' comes in a variety of colours and I think they are just really neat and simple. I would say I prefer this type of book more than some of the sculptured 'books' I have seen.

This book designed by Thomas Keeley also caught my eye. The way the two books interlink like this makes for a nice set of hugging books. Again, its a really simple format that doesn't move away from what I perceive as a book but does make two individual books work together.

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  1. hannahjacksonbagd On 29 January 2009 at 22:35

    I love the interlinking books. I never realised what kind of things could be done with a book until I saw the examples that other people were coming up with! Good find!