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I am unsure of the best way to design a book. It seems like a pretty standard format. Most books I know of go for the general front cover and separate spine and back cover designs. Does anyone change it up a bit?

This is a slightly different approach which allows the design to spread from cover to cover for easily. It's very simplistic but I just felt it gave a different feel to the book. The name of the book is 'House of Leaves' and it was designed by Joe Paul.

This book by Daniel Eatock entitled 'Imprint' features a finger print which is made entirely of type. Although it is quite an easy thing to replicate and quite a simple subject and concept I feel it is a strong piece of design. There is a video on his website too where the books are being packed and he is marking a finger print on the spine of each copy, which is a real nice touch I feel. It takes the book design away from the mass production and brings abit of life back to the design.

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