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For this new brief our group decided to look at overcrowding in Leeds. We decided to do a study on to whether people are concerned about the day to day hustle and bustle of Leeds life. For this photographs would be taken as well as gathering data about different town centres and Leeds public transport.

Ed and Ross are taking control of the photography study. They will be taking photos in the same place every hour to get a view of when the busiest times of the day are.

Pearl and Vickie are doing some questionnaires for people to fill in and I will also be doing questionnaires on personal space and public transport. I will ask friends and family as well as posting some copies online.

I am also going to be recording data on the number of people on public transport from Leeds to Castleford, and hope my results will prove that we need more trains and buses running regularly to and from Leeds to meet the demand and make sure people hold on to their personal space.

We hope to develop our research into a some sort of solution by the end of the brief. Of course their will be constraints on time and such but I hope we can work as a group and share our work to create something concrete.

Edit: my questionnaire
Personal Space Questionnaire
Personal space has been defined as the area individuals maintain around themselves into which others cannot intrude without arousing discomfort.

1) Do you get jostled (pushed into or nudged) when walking around inner city areas? (Circle your answer)
Yes No

2) How do you feel about walking in a crowded environment? (For example if you were out shopping) and explain why.

3) Would you think twice about boarding overcrowded public transport? and explain why.

4) When boarding public transport do you prefer to sit alone or have no preference?

5) Do you think personal space is an issue within major cities and towns? and explain why.

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