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New Brief Alert! That's right. I have another research brief for over the christmas period. Yes, I wouldn't have thought they would give us any sort of time off to do nothing. It's another 100 brief and so I have set myself the challenge to find 100 pieces of research on drinks cans.

A lot of these I will buy outright to add to a collection, but I have already thought this may be quite expensive as not many stores sell cans in ones nowadays. So, I'll photograph a few in store too so I don't end up spending £50 on cans.

I have an example of the type of thing I am looking at. I have a small collection building up already and I shall be collecting more alcoholic, soft and energy drinks cans in the near future. I'll then be categorising them in terms of shape, size and contents, etc.

Forget christmas, it's drinksmas.. err yeah

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